Plane Hire - Piper Cherokee Cruiser

Get to know the plane for hire and download the Operational Documents

The plane has fixed landing gear and a two-blade, fixed-pitch propeller. It is powered by a 160 horsepower, normally-aspirated piston engine. Aircraft equipment includes dual EFIS, magnetometer, WAAS GPS navigator, CDI, dual VHF comms, ADS-B In / Out transponder, audio selector panel, intercom, digital clock, digital voltmeter, engine analyser and fuel flow computer. The plane is fitted with an electronic ignition, LED landing light, contoured wing tips and sheepskin seat covers. The Piper Cherokee Cruiser is perfect for your plane hire requirements. For more information about the avionics, read the Avionics page by clicking here.

Aircraft Specifications
Registration Mark VH-UQJ
Serial Number 28-7425435
Type PA-28-140
Model Cherokee Cruiser
Manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation
Year of Manufacture 1974
Operational Category Private / Aerial Work
Aircraft Equipment Night VFR
True Airspeed (Planned) 105 KTAS
Landing Gear Tricycle (Fixed)
Seating Four-Place
Engine Lycoming O-320-D2A
Rated Horsepower and Speed 160 HP at 2700 RPM (Max 5 Mins)
Propeller Sensenich 74DM6-0-60 (Two Blade / Fixed Pitch)
Static RPM 2325 - 2425 RPM
Fuel Type Avgas 100LL (Blue)
Fuel Capacity (Tabs) 128 L / 34 GAL (Usable)
Fuel Capacity (Full) 182 L / 48 GAL (Usable)
Fuel Consumption (Planned) 32 L / 8.4 GAL Per Hour
Endurance (Tabs Fuel) 4 Hours @ 32 L Per Hour
Endurance (Full Fuel) 5.6 Hours @ 32 L Per Hour
Final Fuel Reserve 45 Minutes @ 32 L Per Hour (24 L)
Oil Type AeroShell W100 Plus
Oil Capacity (Minimum / Maximum) 2 Quarts / 8 Quarts (Filled to 6 Quarts)
Empty Weight 659 KG / 1450 LB
Maximum Take-Off Weight 975 KG / 2150 LB
Maximum Useful Load (Full Fuel) 185 KG / 407 LB
Maximum Useful Load (Tabs Fuel) 223 KG / 490 LB
Maximum Weight (Rear Seats) 90 KG / 200 LB
Maximum Weight (Baggage Area) 45 KG / 100 LB
Service Ceiling 10,950 FT
Maximum Load Factor (Normal) + 3.8 G
Maximum Demonstrated Cross-Wind 17 KTS