Aircraft Rental - Rates

Wet Hire Rate

The wet hire rate for the aircraft is $270 inclusive of GST per hour. Aircraft rental includes the return landing fee at Murwillumbah Airfield or Gold Coast Airport.

Aircraft Rental - Minimum Charge

The minimum charge for each hire period is the actual time calculated from engine start-up to engine shut-down or 1 hour (whichever is the greater time).

Flight Time in PA28

Flight time in the PA28 is charged by reference to the digital oil pressure clock installed in the aircraft. This is commonly known as the VDO or Hobbs meter.

Bulk Hour Packages

The discounted hourly wet hire rates listed in the table are available by purchasing the bulk hour packages comprising of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 hours.

The total cost of each bulk hour package listed in the table is inclusive of GST.

You must make upfront payment of the total cost of a bulk hour package to obtain the discounted hourly wet hire rate applicable to that package.
The hours included in a bulk hour package must be used within 12 months of the purchase date unless we agree in writing to a longer period.
Number of Hours Hourly Wet Hire Rate Total Cost
10 $265 $2,650
20 $260 $5,200
30 $255 $7,650
40 $250 $10,000
50 $245 $12,250

Fuel & Oil for PA28

The wet hire rate and bulk hour packages include fuel and oil for the PA28.
Fuel cards from Air BP, Viva Energy Australia, Aero Refuellers, Skyfuel, World Fuel Services and AvFuel Services are supplied to refuel the aircraft with AVGAS.

Aircraft Rental - Third Party Charges

The wet hire rate and bulk hour packages are exclusive of third-party charges.

You must pay airways, landing, movement, parking, refuelling call-out and other third-party charges incurred by us resulting from your use of the aircraft.